Exploring the Role of Power Relations in Decision-making Ability of Female Employees in Indonesian Government Institutions

By: Endang Ashfiya  

This study emphases on exploring the power relations and the ability in decision making in the organizations. Considering the fact that Indonesia has a strongly patriarchal culture, the purpose of this research is to explore how the power relations based on gender can give impact on the role of female employees in the Indonesian government institution in the decision-making process. The study participants in this research are female employees in Indonesian government institutions with different positions and different field of works. This study provides a further understanding of the situation faced by female employees in Indonesian government institutions so that in the future their role can be maximized and have the positive impacts on their performance and capabilities in issuing policies for the welfare of the wider community.

Power Relations, Decision Making, Female Employees, Indonesian Government Institutions
Organizational Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Mr. Endang Ashfiya

Master's Degree Student, Strategic Communication, Lund University, Sweden
Skåne, Sweden

I hold a bachelor's degree in communication and currently I am pursuing a master's degree program in strategic communication. I am passionate about social and political issues in communication.