Gender Issues and Challenges Faced by Women Fire fighters in the Philippines

By: Romae De Asis  

This study focused on identifying the gender challenges and issues faced by women fire fighters in the Bureau of Fire Protection in relation to the performance of their management functions. This study also involved the coping mechanisms employed by the women fire fighters to overcome their challenges and obstacles in a man-dominated profession. The respondents of the study are commissioned fire officers holding the positions of Fire Inspector and above. The results of the study revealed significant findings especially in terms of work assignments and work relationships.

Gender Issues, Women Firefighters, Coping Mechanisms
Organizational Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Romae De Asis

Graduate School Dean and Director for Research, Administration, Metro Dagupan Colleges, Philippines

married, finished by Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management in 2014, currently taking up PhD in Public Administration. A graduate of Criminology and Medical Technology. holder of professional license for both degrees. Been College Registrar from 1996-2014. VP for Academic Affairs 2014-2018, Graduate School Dean 2014 to present.