The Facilitation of Organizational Change

By: Navneet Bhandal  

In today’s complex and turbulent business environment, organizational transformation has become synonymous with organizational existence. Rapid advances in technology, globalization, and evolving socio-cultural factors have challenged organizations to stay abreast of necessary changes at the same time eroding previous notions of linear evolution, stabilization of the business environment, and rationalistic approaches to change as "managed." In short, transformational processes in an organization need to be inherently complex and dynamic, representing a paradigm shift from managing change to facilitating and supporting transitions . This paper will examine the connotations of the term "change management" and challenge that concept’s efficacy in the current environment, theorize a new role for change consultants as transition facilitators in a non-linear, ongoing process of organizational transformation. In addition, five key enables to effective change management will be reviewed to support this paradigm which include: Benefits Realization & Return on Expectations; Outcomes Measurement & Adoption; Holistic Communications; Transformational Storytelling; and, Change Networks.

Storytelling, Change Management, Transition Management
Change Management
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Navneet Bhandal

Senior Change Management Consultant, Information Technology, Paradigm Change Consulting

Certified Change Management Professional and Six Sigma Black Belt with 10+ years of demonstrated achievements in managing organizational change and transformation initiatives within the private and public sector. Results-driven with diverse cross-functional knowledge to facilitate the adoption of new business strategies, processes, technologies, systems and organization structures. Interests in: Complex Adaptive Systems work, Change Management, Process and Continuous Improvement.