Rethinking of Employees’ Knowledge Withholding Behavior in Organizations

By: Weixu Ding  

Although knowledge has been regarded as the competitive advantage for years, empirical results prove that the practice of knowledge management has witnessed dilemmas. Some tacit knowledge from employees’ personal experience may depend on their willingness to share. While, in today’s organisational studies, scholars found the existence of employees’ knowledge withholding behaviour. Hence, this research aims to explore the factors that contribute to producing employees’ knowledge withholding behaviour. Documentary research method has been used to explore the answers from the related bibliographies. Multiple factors affect employees’ knowledge withholding behaviour has been summarized via the research as trust, organisational culture, leadership etc. Although this research has found several factors to explain why some employees choose to withhold their knowledge, the single-time research has its limitation to summarize all the factors comprehensively. Hence, in future studies, more sufficient discussions are suggested on this topic.

Knowledge Withholding Behaviour, Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management
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Weixu Ding

Weixu Ding is a Phd candidate at Ritsumeikan University. His Research interests include: Knowledge management, Business Innovation, Leadership, and organizational learning