Organizational Communication, Diversity and Job Satisfaction

By: Catherine Nickerson   Payal Mehra Mehra  

Despite receiving some attention in other contexts, the impact of inter-generational differences as an aspect of diversity in the workplace has not been widely investigated. In addition, while there have been many studies on job satisfaction and levels of attrition in workplace settings, very few have looked specifically at non-Western contexts such as India. The present study provides a comparison of the communication preferences reported within multi-generational organisations in India.The purpose of the research was to examine the influence of generation on job satisfaction, with specific reference to organizational communication. 400 managers working in public and private sector companies in India were surveyed to investigate the respondents’ choice of communication media, their satisfaction with the communication at their workplace, and the type of interactions that took place. It also measured the respondents’ job satisfaction. The study was inter-disciplinary in nature, drawing on accommodation theory and media richness theory, alongside the findings from empirical studies in other contexts that have looked specifically at inter-generational differences. We found that organizational communication was positively related to job satisfaction, and also that generational category moderated the relationship between these two factors. Gen Y managers were the least satisfied generation at work, and frequently used avoidance while communicating with older adults. Our conclusion is that job satisfaction may be enhanced by focusing on the development of a positive communication environment; at the same time, employees that belong to different generations may define what constitutes a positive communication environment in very different ways.

Organizational Culture, Productive Diversity, Collaboration, Communication
Organizational Cultures
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Catherine Nickerson

Associate Dean/Professor, College of Business, Zayed University, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates

Dr. Payal Mehra Mehra

Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

She has six research papers to her credit including one in international journal and four conference presentations including an international conference. She is the 2004 recipient of the prestigious 'Kamla Award' conferred by the Indian Society of Training and Development, INDIA. She is vastly interested in all aspects of communication research as well as issues relating to pedagogy in the education sector