Image in the Arena of Presentation and Public Speaking

By: Gillie Haynes  

Distance that one will travel to absorb a well-crafted speech or presentation is never too far. However, the knowledge being presented could possibly be lost if the presenter fails to place an equal share of attention on Image. The Image projected by a presenter has the potential to enhance the receiving of the message or possibly create a distraction for those in attendance. I propose a Focused Discussion to include – Choosing and rehearsing the best way to present the information...Reviewing and assessing if the language and words to be used will be understood by all...Understanding the importance of eye contact and gestures...Exercises to work through nervousness...Clear, proven ways to eliminate “um’s” when speaking...Techniques to speak with confidence in any setting...Selecting and using supporting visual and printed materials in the most effective way...How to maintain composure despite unforeseen distractions...The most appropriate look and style of dress for the occasion. The attention to detail given during the formation of a presentation or speech will serve to create a memorable experience for both the presenter and the audience. Respectfully submitted by…Gillie Haynes

Focused Discussion, Presentation, Public Speaking, Image
2019 Special Focus: The New Story of Organizing
Focused Discussion

Gillie Haynes

Adjunct Professor, Communications, American University