Personal Narrative as a Scaffolding Tool for Professional Learning and Performance Improvement

By: Vera Leykina  

This session introduces the concept of a personal narrative as a scaffolding tool for collaborative professional learning. This approach may be applied to a group of teachers, nurses, social workers, or other professionals working with people which they have no previous experience of servicing. Often, well-trained specialists encounter groups of population with unknown needs. The training approach presented here is an application of Socio-Cultural Learning Theory to professional adult learning. Session participants will be able to identify possibilities for scaffolding of professional learning and will begin constructing personal narratives as scaffolds applicable to professional learning and growth in their areas of expertise. The approach to be presented is based on the Socio-cultural learning theory. The participants will learn about personal narratives as scaffolding tools by experiencing, analyzing, and constructing them.

Scaffolding, Performance Improvement
Organizational Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Vera Leykina

Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Education of Touro College, NYC