Algerian Career Women's Struggle between Private Duties and Public Aspirations

By: Imene Bouguesri  

Career advancement has become a determining aspect of any educated woman's profile, however, in many societies, patriarchy hinders women's progress as it reigns over the societal territory and divides it into public and private spheres. These spheres unfold cultural assumptions and assign roles to the sexes privileging the public over the private, the fact that holds debilitating tasks to women that may stand in their way to full recognition and self-fulfillment in the public sphere. In the present work, special focus is attributed to the household (the private sphere in miniature) in an attempt, first, to particularly unveil the ideological construction of care work as an illustration of "women's work" par excellence in the Algerian society, and second, to conceive pathways that allow a safer and balanced trajectory toward success for career women.

Public, Private, Women
Organizational Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Imene Bouguesri

I am a PhD student in Sociolinguistics and Gender Studies, I'm particularly interested in social structures that organize our lives such as language and gender roles, religion as representational systems.