Responsible Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility in Luxembourg

By: Ursula Schinzel  

The aims of the present study are to determine first if there is a link between responsible leadership and CSR in Luxembourg, and second Luxembourg’s specifics in the field of CSR. This study is the combination of research about responsible leadership and CSR in Luxembourg in connection with Hofstede’s cultural dimensions: high Long-Term Orientation (LTO), high Uncertainty Avoidance (UA), and high Collectivism (low Individualism). This is a qualitative study. 64 semi-structured interviews were conducted from January to August 2017 using four culturally different samples, namely: Luxembourgers with Luxembourgish Nationality (Lux.Nat.), foreigners who reside in Luxembourg (Lux.Foreigner), cross-borderers, and the rest of the world (World). Results were formed in three groups: Euphoric respondents who said it is the authenticity of the leader and his modelling role in lived CSR, second, moderate respondents, and, third, critical respondents, denying any link and claiming for change and innovation accusing the high Uncertainty Avoidance Index. In their opinion, there is an urgent need for managers to learn responsible leadership and CSR. Research implications are that this article contributes to the discussion on change and innovation in the field of leadership theory, first with particular emphasis on responsible leadership following Michael Maccoby, second on multilingual and multicultural Luxembourg in the middle of Europe, following Geert Hofstede and Edgar Schein, and third on CSR following Thomas Maak and Nicole Pless.

Responsible Leadership CSR
Organizational Cultures
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Dr. Ursula Schinzel

Tutor, Unicaf University

Dr Ursula Schinzel, Unicaf University with Partner Universities: Marymount California University and University of Nicosai, Cyprus, she teaches Organizational Strategy and Planning, Fieldwork Exploration, Innovation, Management and Social Psychology onlin.e She also teaches languages: German, French, Luxembourgisch with EVAgroup Luxembourg; and Sports with Ville de Luxembourg. She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Paris School of Business PSB. She studied international business, management, and human resources in London, Paris, and Saarbrücken (Germany) with internschips in the USA. Her areas of research interest include cross-cultural management, e-HRM, digital recruitment, multicultural and multilinugal environments, language, culutral dimensions following Hofstede and Schein, company structure and change. She delivers lectures at internaitonal conferences (Academic OASIS, AIB, ANZIBA, BAM, EIASM, EIBA, EURAM, EUROMED, The Organization Studies, The Learner) in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Luxembourgish. She publisches in Journal of Strategic and International Studies JSIS, Journal of Customer Behaviour, JCB, Journal of Business and Economics, JBE, and World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development WREMSD. She is also author of "How to get a Doctorate - and more - distanc elarning", and "Quelles compétences à l'international - ou Pourquoi les luxembourgeois sont-ils heureux", Frieling -Verlag Berlin. She is member of the editorial board of Journal of Academic Oasis (former Journal of Strategic and International Studies) JOASIS, JSIS and of International Journal of Organizational Analysis IJOA (Emerald).