Portfolio of Incentives

By: Jessica Rubiano Rubiano   Carlos Eduardo Alonso Malaver   Samuel Nucamendi Guillén  

Currently, organizations have incentive policies to motivate their employees, however, the incentive portfolio has been used closely in most Colombian companies, since its implementation is focused on purely economic aspects. According to Soto and Jaime (2005), 95.3% use only monetary incentive plans with their employees. Organizations start from the concept that money is what motivates a worker the most. However, in the long term the use of this stimulus becomes a problem for the organization if it is not accompanied by other stimuli that are not directed to the economic aspect, and that cause the same impact on employee satisfaction (Soto and Jaime , 2005). The construction of motivational profiles allows the management of incentive policies in a more effective way, since the preferences of the workers are directed towards the improvement of the level of individual performance. This allows to improve not only the productivity of the organization but also has a positive effect on the worker.

Motivational Profiles, Incentives
Change Management
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Jessica Rubiano Rubiano

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Carlos Eduardo Alonso Malaver

Professor, Department of Statistics, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

Samuel Nucamendi Guillén

Research Professor, Academia de Operaciones, Universidad Panamericana, Campus Guadalajara, Mexico