Inviting Classroom Pedagogies

By: Ayinde Mojeed Agbomeji Agbomeji  

This paper argues for a pedagogy that attempt to integrate formal education that Eurocentric with cultural education of African societies at knowledge (ontological) and methodological (epistemological) levels in teaching and learning situation. In other words, the concept is advocating for the merger of the different (or two) worldviews; that is Eurocentric and African, in knowledge delivery, and pedagogical strategies used in the classroom situation. The immediate outcome is the education retention of learner until completion of the schooling system. The paper is informed by data that was generated from teachers, learners, community people and all the participants are from diverse background and also the study actulalises equal number of gender representative. While the study is a qualitative design in nature that was thematic it drew on socio-cultural pedagogic discourse as analytical tools because it provides answer to fundamental question of the relationship among learners, teachers and knowledge. However, the finding shows that inviting pedagogies provides relevant cultural knowledge and instills values that enable and educates learners for the completeness of life. That is for learners to live a complete life, they need to be educated and have competence in the area of career path and another education that prepare a learner for a social competence so that he /she is able to live in such institution.

"Inviting Classroom Pedagogies", " Socio-cultural factors", " rural schools"
Knowledge Management, Organizational Cultures
Poster/Exhibit Session

Ayinde Mojeed Agbomeji Agbomeji

Research Assistant, Lagos State University

Currently am a research assistant and tutor 3rd year students with the above university, my interest are embedded in Pedagogy and indigenous knowledge system application studies. The main objective is to see how pedagogy can be inviting that can encourage learners to want to come and complete their study that is, how pedagogy can eradicate school dropout prevalence rate in African countries that are regarded as developing countries. Am a natural scientist (Physics major) at B.Sc. level and obtained my postgraduate diploma in education, Master degree in education and now am doing my second year in Curriculum studies PhD. I have collaborated with senior colleagues on publications as well as individual publications.