Quality Evaluation of Biscuits Prepared from Composite Flour of Sprouted Sorghum, Soybean and Finger Millet

By: Kanagarajah Premakumar  

This study was aimed at producing quality biscuit using composite flour blends from cheap and underutilized crops like sorghum, soybean and finger millet. Biscuits prepared from different treatments of composite flour. Finger millet were subjected to analysis of nutritional, organoleptic and microbial qualities with physical properties to evaluate the suitability of this biscuits for consumption after formulation. The nutritional analysis of the freshly prepared biscuits revealed that protein, ash, fiber and fat were increased from 10.53-14.35, 1.41-2.16, 1.27-3.93 and 17.90-24.77 respectively while moisture content was decreased from 3.78-3.27 when increasing the soybean flour 10%-50% in the biscuits mixtures. The physical properties of biscuits revealed that there were significant differences between the treatments of biscuits (at 5% level of significance ) when the level of soybean increased. According to Turkey`s test, the mean scores for all assessed organoleptic characters varied significantly (p < 0.05) in freshly made biscuits. Based on the nutritional, organoleptic and microbial qualities, the biscuit sample prepared from composite flour with 60% Sprouted Sorghum flour, 30% Soybean flour and 10% Finger millet was the best treatment compared to other combinations at the end of storage period.

Nutritional, Organoleptic, Microbial
Food Production and Sustainability
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Kanagarajah Premakumar

Eastern University, Sri Lanka, Dept. of Agricultural Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Senior Lecturer-G I, Sri Lanka
Eastern Province, Sri Lanka

I graduated from the faculty of Agricuture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and completed my Masters and Doctoral Degrees at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand and Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, India Respectively. I joined at the Faculty of Agriculture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka as Teaching Assistant in 1984 and currently working as Head/ Dept. of Agric. Chemistry cum Senior Lecturer-G I in Food Science and Technology at the Faculty of Agriculture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka. During my carrier, I held various administrative positions Vz: Actg. Vice Chancellor of Eastern University, Sri Lanka, Director/ Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, Dean ,Faculty of Agriculture, Director/IRQUE Project, Head of Department, Senior Student Counsellor and Academic Sub Warden.I have nearly 34 years of Teaching Experience and taught Food Science & Technology, Postharvest Technology, Food & Nutrition related course to undergraduates and postgraduates. I have actively participated in Research and Presented & Published papers at various International and National Conferences, Workshops and Seminars on Food Science & Technology, Postharvest Technology and Food & Nutrition. I had undergone many international training programmes in Foreign Countries Vz: United Kingdom, Sweden,Israel,Thailand, India India and Bangladesh. I also received an Award for "Long Term Meritorious Service" presented by the Eastern University, Sri Lanka in recognition of my meritorious service rendered to the university over a period of 30 years and Awards for " Outstanding Contribution to Education" & "Education Leadership "presented by the World Education Congress, CMO Asia and CMO Council, Mumbai, India in Singapore.