Effect of Adoption of Improved Technologies on Poultry Production in Oyo State, Nigeria

By: Akindele Ojo  

Data used for the study were obtained using structured questionnaires administered to 100 randomly selected poultry farmers from two Local Government Areas of the State. The results from the study revealed that hybrid birds, improved feeding, use of battery cages, improved feeders and drinkers, improved vaccinations and medications were the highly adopted improved technologies in the study area. The regression results from the study indicated that the adoption of improved technology, feed consumed, labour and farm size were positively and statistically significant at 5%, 5%, 10% and 1% probability levels respectively. The study also showed that the non-availability of technology, access to credit, cost of technology and low income of the farmer were the most limiting factors affecting the adoption of improved technologies in the study area. In view of the above findings, therefore recommended that there should be enhanced research, extension delivery and farm advisory services that will increase the awareness of farmers on the benefits of adopting improved technologies that can lead to increase in the output of poultry farmers in the study area.

"Adoption", " Improved Technology", " Poultry"
Food Production and Sustainability
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Dr. Akindele Ojo

I am a Nigerian, a Ph.D holder in Agricultural Economics and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Technology and currently the Deputy Dean, School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna. I have over 10 years of teaching and research experience in the area of Agricultural Production Economics with special interest in establishing and improving the efficiency and productivity of farmers with the aim of enhancing food production and security. I have over 45 publications covering my areas of research interest.