Library is a Community Place

By: Dania Abu Fodeh  

Qatar National Library (QNL) is a community place, not only a traditional place, but an innovative hub with a great emphasis on education, research, culture, and knowledge. Modern libraries serve multiple roles today, which means that what it offers might conflict sometimes with conservative society views and beliefs. Our library is well supported with financial and material resources in order to fulfill its role as a national library, outreaching a wide array of users in most accessible manner. Staff from QNL are committed to facilitating library programs that can actively engage community in the process of learning and can transform them as lifelong learners equipped and empowered for the twenty-first century learning environment. Additionally, the library has built various facilities that attract them visit the library and explore the services it offers to the community. Some of these include innovation stations, video game kiosks, individual rooms for independent learning, assistive technology for special needs, and computer labs. This poster highlights some initiatives that strengthen the library’s role in promoting the library as learning space and hub that is truly committed to encouraging users to become effective and critical thinkers in the modern landscape of information and communication.

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Dania Abu Fodeh

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