Reading Habits of Bulgarian Students in Primary School Education

By: Lubomira Parijkova  

This study provides research findings about some reading preferences and attitudes of Bulgarian students up to eleven years-old. This research is useful for people interested in the diversity of Eastern Europe’s reading situation. It may help with understanding the intersection of reading, culture, and social environment in a small country as Bulgaria, where students have the same favorite computer games as their peers around the world. The focus of the current publication is on reading in pre-primary and elementary school as a part of understanding the interconnection between reading and digital literacy (project “Digital competencies and Media education at preschool and primary school age”). The paper presents reading research, publication, and frameworks, about reading issue. The author describes the context of the research – the reading situation in Bulgaria, educational system, the most important documents relevant to reading. It also discusses investigations about reading habits in Bulgaria. The paper presents methodology, participants, procedure of the research, and results of it.

Reading, Habits, Bulgarian students, Survey, Results
Reading, Writing, Literacy, and Learning
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Lubomira Parijkova

Associate Professor, Library management and archives, University of Library Studies and Information Technologies , Bulgaria
Sofia, Bulgaria

Associate Professor Dr. Lubomira Parijkova has been working at the Department of “Library management and archives” in the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies since 2008. She is Master of Philosophy. Dr. Parijkova has obtained her PhD degree in 2008 from Centre for Science studies and History of Science – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Her Dissertation’s theme is: “Globalization of the R&D Activities. The Practice of Outsourcing in Bulgaria.” So far Lubomira Parijkova leads the project “New Policies for Stimulating the Reading. Researching of the Bookcrossing Practices in Bulgaria” funded by Fund “Scientific Research” – Young researchers. She creates 5 different disciplines – “Contemporary Tendencies in Philosophy,” “Rhetoric Communication,” “Metamorphoses of the Book,” “Knowledge Management,” “Knowledge Management and Media.” Lubomira Parijkova has been involved as project planner and coordinator of the projects “Week, Dedicated to World Book Day and Copyright” and “Days of the Book and Copyright in State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies.” The projects are funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. She has developed and coordinated partnerships with more institutions in Bulgaria. Dr. Parijkova is an author of more than 100 articles and two monographs “Outsourcing of R&D Activities”, Interconnection vs communication", and theree text-books. She is a script-writer and a director of the documentary “Life, Devoted to the Book and Bulgarian Spirituality” – a film-portrait of Petyr Parijkov – a researcher of Bulgarian revival and poet. She's an initiator of many reading stimulating events and projects. She teaches History of Book, Rethoric, New forms of knowledge organisation. Her interests include reading, books, digital literacy, pholosophy, knowledge management.