Book Culture in the Digital-Network Environment

By: Sebastian Kotuła  

The digital-network environment has been designed with the impact of books, book culture, and processes associated with books in mind. This means that the book is the basis of the Internet. In other words, some of the achievements of the book and book culture have been adapted to the needs of the Internet. The implementation of book culture in the digital-network environment manifests in such kind of fields like computer hardware and software, the Internet, the World Wide Web, which uses webpages (an analogy from pages of books), and web browsers; there are also similarities in databases and in the convergence of the Internet and books, i.e., text/hypertext, e-book etc. Since the launch of the Internet, every year there is a significant increase in the variety of digital data and information on the network. Some of them are still associated with book culture. The aim of this research is to check what aspects of digital resources are still occupied by book culture. Another goal is to answer the questions: Is book culture still dominant, or is it starting to be pushed into the periphery? Is book culture already on the margin of global digital and network resources?

Book Culture, Digital Book Culture, Digital Data, Digital Sources
Books and Libraries
Virtual Poster

Sebastian Kotuła

Assistant Professor, Institute of Information and Library Science, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland