Communication and information Superhighway

By: Biswajit De  

The progress of human society and the civilization in different time is linked to communication systems. The ancient system of communication among humans was different languages through sruti and smriti.Through the passage of time it rests on today's computer based communication system.The aim of this paper is to study different communication systems and electronic access to virtual libraries.The boon of virtual library rests on Cyberspace. Hypothesis stands that cyberspace opens the gate of the virtual library.The different communication systems are studied to reach the gamut of virtual library. Cybernetics or the mechanism of man machine relationship is a new horizon in civilization. Central nervous system in human body and servomechanism in machine are analogous and both control the body mind contact either in the human body or machine. Information passes through information super highway honors the servomechanism. Functions of modem and information superhighway projects the beauty of the world wide web and networks. Reality of virtual library rests on information super highway. Contribution of machine are considered along with Information super highway to establish hypothesis. Different communication systems and Information highway role are studied to adhere to global village through the network of virtual library.

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Mr. Biswajit De

, Library , Principal. BKC College. , India

I have been working as college librarian since 1988. I have also worked as lecturer in two universities of west bengal. I have published many bengali articlesin the library dcience journal.I am on the verge of retirement.