The Book Peddler's Autopsy Through Literature

By: Boualem Zerouati  

Wé approach the book peddler through fiction. How is he presented in the master works The Book Peddlers' Ballad of the Pont-Neuf and Buchmendel by Stefan Zweig? Which patterns are exhibited ? Do they correspond to historical reality? Through these questions we decipher the relationships between reality and fiction, text and history, memory and myth. We try to enrich Proust and Ricoeur's concepts, investigating the literary character. Is it an essential pillar or is it possible to cancel it as would think the representatives of the New Novel? Our answers and discussion are a contribution to narratology and textology.

Book peddler, fiction
Reading, Writing, Literacy, and Learning
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Boualem Zerouati

Teacher of French, Departement of Foreign Languages, University of Setif, Algeria

After my whole studies in France, I started working in Algeria as a teacher in secondary schools, then I became an Inspector in Education and a teacher at the University of Setif. I  work in an old books shop as the Manager, as a Foreign languages Teacher.I am a Consultant-Teacher with INCG Business School of Setif.I have already participated to international events in Wahington DC (Advena World), in Istanbul  (Wocmes 2014) , in Kuala-Lumpur (Pak Research and Devlopment Wing).