Art of the Book

By: Anum Mahmood  

The paper presents research carried out on the art of bookbinding in the Timurid period (15th century), and of the School of Herat. The creation of artistically presented manuscripts was a long and laborious process which demanded great skill on the part of all those involved; from calligraphers to the binder himself. This presentation will focus on the techniques of bookbinding, focusing on the techniques brought from the different artists of the world in the School of Herat, under the sponsorship of Shah Rukh. This period is considered the golden age of Herat.

Herat, Shah Rukh
Publishing Practices: Past, Present, and Future
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Anum Mahmood

my name is Anum Mahmood. I am currently working as curriculum writer for Visual Arts at united we REACH. i am also doing Mphil from Punjab University. I am passionate researcher and the drive to do research in histroy has made me a better learner.