20 STEM Literacy Strategies for Grades 4-8

By: Suhua Huang  

Three major emphases will be undertaken for this poster presentation, to help with: selecting STEM literature creating STEM activities, creating STEM literacy strategy units, and implementing STEM disciplinary literacy learning activities. First, the presenters will provide two activities to identify the audience’s creativity. Then, the presenters will use for a power point for presentation. It will conclude with an interactive discussion of current directions in elementary schools in STEM literacy learning. Second, the presenters will share some technology integration literacy strategies to enhance students’ word knowledge and comprehension skills. The presenters introduce and demonstrate several STEM literacy strategies, such as creating a soil cake to teach about the earth’s soil. It is an edible cake. Third, the presenters will ask the audience to select one piece of children’s literature to create their own STEM strategies. Children’s literature and some consumable materials will be provided. Finally, the presenters will have the audience to share what additional ideas or perspectives have been sparked by this presentation or their future plans of action regarding STEM instruction.

STEM, Literacy, Literature
Reading, Writing, Literacy, and Learning
Poster/Exhibit Session

Suhua Huang

Associate Professor , College of Education , Midwestern State University, United States
Texas , United States