Games the Dust Particles Play

By: Srivatsan Prativadibhayankara   Mytreya Venkata Urukram Pattaswamy  

Safety is an indispensable faculty in manufacturing sector as it impacts on health, hygiene and often survival of the biome. Nevertheless, its complex and multidisciplinary nature did not allow for mathematical treatment. To the other extreme it may not be right strategy to express it mathematically, since it requires to work with novices in shop floor. Instead a shallow level treatment which aids in the development of human reflexes is desirable. Thus, we propose a new paradigm of understanding safety through gamification taking dust explosions as a specific case. By gamification, it is easier to enter into the psyche of the individual compared to mathematization. Thus, using proper level designing, the art of safety and its prevention can be made as human reflexes independent of age, IQ, EQ, gender.

Dust Explosions, Gamification
Technologies and Human Usability
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Mr. Srivatsan Prativadibhayankara

Gameplay Programmer, Development, Level2 llp

Senior student pursing bachelor's in computer science and videogame development at Backstagepass institute of gaming and technology , gameplay and game AI programmer and front-end developer at Level2 llp.

Mytreya Venkata Urukram Pattaswamy

Gamer Programmer, Game development, Level-II LLP

I'm a student with great interest on Gamification of various domains. I'm also interested in serious games.