How to Evaluate the English Learning Experience Based on Serious Games

By: Alexandra Morales   Clayton Carrasco   Mireia Orgilés   José P. Espada  

The use of serious games for learning is increasingly common in academic contexts. The Game Experience Questionnaire (GEQ) is a widely used instrument to evaluate the psychological implications of games; However, no Spanish version is available. The aim of this study was to adapt and validate the English version of the Game Experience Questionnaire (GEQ) into Spanish. Factor structure and reliability of this tool with college students in Ecuador were examined. Analyses were conducted based on a sample of 71 students aged 18-24 years (M = 19.62; SD = 1.67; 68% were females) who were exposed to a methodology based on serious games and gamification for learning English during 2017-18. We conducted confirmatory factor analyses (CFA) using R Package for Structural Equation Modeling version 5-12 and Cronbach alpha was calculated. This study confirmed the seven-factor structure of GEQ and an adequate reliability for each subscale: “competence” (5 items; α = .80), “sensory and imaginative immersion” (6 items; α = .86), “flow” (5 items; α = .77), “tension/annoyance” (3 items; α = .85), “challenge” (5 items; α = .63), “negative affect” (4 items; α = .86), and “positive affect” (5 items; α = .90). Reliability of the GEQ was excellent (α = .84). The Spanish version of the GEQ seems to be a valid and reliable tool for assessing relevant dimensions of game experience in college students in Ecuador. Future research involving a larger sample is needed to consolidate these preliminary results and examine temporal stability of the GEQ.

English, Learning, Serious Game, Game Experience, Psychometric Properties, GEQ, Ecuador
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Alexandra Morales

Assistant Professor, Health Psychology, Miguel Hernández University, Spain

Clayton Carrasco

Teaching Professor, Universidad de Guayaquil, Ecuador

Mireia Orgilés

Associate Professor, Miguel Hernández University, Spain

José P. Espada

Full Professor, Miguel Hernández University, Spain