MyOpenMath as Open Education Resources

By: Tanvir Prince  

In the fall 2016, I participated in the initiative to develop a “zero textbook cost” section for MAT 100 (introduction to college mathematics). The section is completely developed and approved by the Lumen Learning and is offering in the spring 2017. This is developed using the “MyOpenMath” platform. “MyOpenMath” runs on the open source, providing free hosted use of this platform in support of free, open textbooks. The intent is to provide classroom use of the platform, without any required cost to students and to provide students self-study opportunities. In this presentation, I will demonstrate the use of “MyOpenMath” software in developing the course and some pros and cons of using the software. After the presentation, the audience will have some basic idea about the platform and will be able to start the process of developing their own course using the software. The audience are encouraged to bring a laptop if they want a hand on experience during the presentation.

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Tanvir Prince

Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Hostos Community College

Graduated (Ph.D. in Mathematics) from Stony Brook University on May 2008. Currently workning a an assistant professor in Mathematics in Hostos Community College - City University of New York. Published papers include: arXiv:0807.0939 (Pre-print)Title: On $G$--modular functor Authors: Alexander Kirillov Jr, Tanvir Prince arXiv:0712.2853 (Pre-print)Title: On the Lego-Teichmuller game for finite $G$ cover Authors: Tanvir Prince Particularly interested in Topological Quantum Field Theory and recenly become interested in Teaching Mathematics (various pedagogy of teaching Mathematics).