Photovoice Method with Older Adults - International Perspectives

By: Yuliya Mysyuk   Anthony Tuckett   Anna Tresidder  

In this focused discussion we will talk about perspectives from different countries on the use of the photovoice method with older adults. We will delve into the experiences of Australia, USA, and the Netherlands. Photovoice is a qualitative visual research method that refers to photographs taken by the participants themselves. It is an effective tool for eliciting older persons’ perceptions of their communities, During this discussion we will explore the use of photovoice in different research contexts and with divergent issues studied. Moreover we will touch upon the important features, advantages, possible challenges, and implications of the photovoice method.

Photovoice, Older adults, Ageing in place
Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
Focused Discussion

Yuliya Mysyuk

Postdoctoral Researcher , Epidemiology and Biostatistics , Amsterdam Universitair Medische Centra

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Longitudinal Ageing Study Amsterdam (LASA) of the Amsterdam UMC. Currently I am working on a qualitative part of the MINPMAP project (mental health and well-being of older persons in the urban environment). 

Anthony Tuckett

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Dr Anthony G Tuckett PhD

Dr. Anna Tresidder

Director, Research and Evaluation , Community Ecology Consulting, United States
WA, United States