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  • I'm currently a Ph.D. Candidate at Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University; Public Administration and Policies Department. I obtained my masters in Economic Development and International Cooperation in 2006 from Tor- Vergata U...More


  • Collective Routes
    • Research and Innovation
    • Manager
    • January 2018 to Present

    This is a research institute that i co-founded with two other researchers. The main aim of it is producing knowledge and make it accessible to other researchers and public. The institute gives care to explanatory researches and to link it with practice. We are specialized in Public Policies, Youth Development, Organizational Development, and Culture and heritage Studies.

  • Oxfam Novib
    • Egypt Country Office
    • Independent Consultant
    • March 2017 to August 2007

    I was the lead consultant to study the Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt and identify key strategies for interventions. The study included more than 70 organizations across different fields.

    • Social Policy Unit
    • Social Policy Consultant
    • October 2007 to September 2018

    I was responsible for a new strategic initiative by UNICEF called "Public Finance for Children- PF4C". By which, i was responsible for identifying the key strategies in Egypt to start working for the first time with Ministry of Finance.


  • Cairo University- Faculty of Economics and Political Science
    • Ph.D. Candidate
    • January 2014 to Present

    I'm conducting a comparative study among Egypt, Jordan and Morocco in the field of alternative care with focus on children without parental care.