Elderly Health Care at Community Level in Thailand

By: Paiboon Pongsaengpan   Anchana Sopon  

This participatory action research was designed to explore the process of an elderly health care program development at the community level. The researcher acted as a facilitator of the elderly health care in the community. The qualitative data were collected through participation observation and in-depth interview. The participants included health workers, health volunteers, and elders who were selected from twelve elderly health care units in Thailand. Topics included enhancing workforce preparedness through cultural and social responsibility, providing more services of health care to older adults in the communities, such as specific support groups, and increasing inclusive in diversifying methods and participants to improve outcomes for health care quality, partnerships, and communities affected by participatory action research focus on elderly health care perspective at community level.The process of developing and learning in all twelve areas focused on responsible for elderly care in the community. We concluded that there have been stronger collaboration between the elderly care networks in every community, and significant of understanding and awareness of the responsibility for elderly care in the community. We found that each area has a process to develop and drive the system continuously for elderly health care.

Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Paiboon Pongsaengpan

Khonkaen University

Academic QualificationsB.Sc. (Health Education) Burapha University , Thailand-Training and experience in International training course on environmental health program.M.Ed. (Educational Technology) Burapha University , ThailandPh.D. (Public Health) Khonkaen University, ThailandResearch project focus on elderly health promotion,Health behaviors.

Anchana Sopon

Duangporn Kantachote, and Narong Na Chiangmai

Public Health Technical Officer