Rediscovering Seniors' Potential

By: Amira Abdel Aziz  

Seniors are sometimes considered burden within communities. This study aims to identify seniors' added value to their communities by examining their accumulative experience along years and its potential economic returns, in addition to their role within their families; identify seniors' dreams and aspirations as living citizens and the impact of fulfilling them on their psychological well-being and on their family members that are living with them; consider the impact of introducing such inspirational models on the society members and their perception; and explore seniors' self identity. The research uses qualitative methods including in-depth interviews, focus groups, and workshops with both seniors and their family member, in addition to some community members. The sampling strategy is a purposeful one targeting those who peruse lives after retirement/above 50 utilizing their experience, learning a new skill, or achieving a dream.

Seniors, Self identity, Potentials, Assets, Communities
Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Amira Abdel Aziz

Manager, Research and Innovation, Collective Routes, Egypt

I'm currently a Ph.D. Candidate at Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University; Public Administration and Policies Department. I obtained my masters in Economic Development and International Cooperation in 2006 from Tor- Vergata University, Rome, Italy. I have 12 years of accumaltive experience in Youth development, Alternative care, Organizationa culture, Social Enterprenurship, Child rights, and Change managment. I worked mainly in Egypt as a developmental praticitionare. And as a facilatiator, i worked in different countires regionally and internationally. In 2017, i was awarded the "research award" from Open Society to enable me conduct a comaprative study between Egypt, Jordan and Morroco, as part of my Ph.D. As part of my work, we won UN-Habibtat and Dubai International Award for best practice in 2014 for our policy change practice in Egypt. I worked as afull timer for GIZ and Wataneya Society (National NGO) and as consultant for UNICEF, Save the children, Culture Innovators Network, and Oxfam Novib. My research interest has been youth development since 2005. Then 2010 i started to be interested in alterntive care and linking between theory and practice, and i succeeded along with my team to introduce a policy change that made it mandatory on all care homes to apply quality standards. In 2014, i became interested in organizational culture, i developed a methodolgy which later became a comprehensive one that enables organizations to develop their own values throug a personalized process and based on real cases. Very recent, as my mother was going to retire, i become interested in the seniors' life after reirment and developed an idea that was shortlisted by a regional award to rediscover seniors' potentials. The link between theory and practice has been the main interest and strength in all the work i do.