Together and Apart in Shared Sacred Sites

By: Maria Kokorotskou  

Thessaloniki Museum of Photography hosted the exhibition Shared Sacred Sites (23/9/2017 – 16/02/2018). The exhibition depicted shared sacred sites by the three monotheistic religions in the Balkans and the Mediterranean at the same time that the refugee crisis in Greece led to incidents against Muslims. As the theme of religion is a broad and controversial issue, the interpretational programs and activities that framed the exhibition had to face the religious prejudices and prejudices against religion. The Museum became the intermediary place of open dialogue in an attempt to conciliate religious dispute and promote diversity.

Museum, Education, Diversity
Religious Commonalities and Differences
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Maria Kokorotskou

Head, Educational Department, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Maria Kokorotskou is Head of Educational Department at the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography (Greece). For the past eighteen years she has been planning and conducting educational programmes and activities for children, adults and general public. She completed her studies in History & Archaeology, as well as studies in Theatre at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece). She has a MA in Museum and Heritage Studies, University College London and a MA in Theatre Pedagogy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.