Reason, Faith and Intuition

By: Tina Lindhard Lindhard  

In this discussion, we take the point of view that reason and intuition rest on two different epistemological ways of obtaining information about nature, the Cosmos and ourselves. Faith is the common factor that underlies the reliance on either method. Reason and intuition are seen here as being linked to two different principles, the Male and the Female Principle. Science is primarily based on reason, the Male Principle and Spirituality mainly on intuition, the Female Principle. As the latter has been depreciated for over two thousand years, it has resulted in religions being considered as separate from the Spirituality. This shift in perspective from faith in a Religion to faith in a way of obtaining knowledge helps us realize that Spirituality underlies and is at the heart of all religions. It also gives us clues regarding the methods used by all great Spiritual leaders to connect to and discover their true identity or Self, as well as pointing how to follow in the different leaders' footsteps and become disciples rather than just believers. This shift also foments respect for others following variations in the spiritual path.

Faith, Reason, Intuition, Spirituality, Male Principle, Female Principle
Religious Foundations
Focused Discussion

Tina Lindhard Lindhard

IUPS, Spain

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa. I graduated in Psychology and Sociology from UCT and earned my MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University California and my Ph.D. from the International University of Professional Studies Hawaii. I am a qualified certified teacher of the nonsectarian Intuitive Meditation method, also known as Arka Dhyana. I have several publications and I am currently President of the non-profit Association CCASpain and the Chair of Consciousness Research of CICA International - a scientific Foundation registered in Spain.