Searching for a Universal Scripture and Way via Numbers

By: Nkosi Aberdeen  

The paper consists of four sections—each related to a different aspect of Metaphysical Numerological Symbolism (M.N.S.). The main thesis statement of the first section is M.N.S.-- Add up/Compile/Put together its puzzle pieces (code of numbers) in each Scripture etc. and you will get a broader Universal Scripture. The first part of the second section suggests that a substantive quintessential link exists between M.N.S. and the TAO. The Thesis Statement made in this section is such that: “TAO is a Metaphysical-Synonym for 9.” The thesis statement of Section three is such that M.N.S. has the potential to spur positive Socio-Economic Development in all human milieus—especially/specifically in Developing Cosmopolitan Societies. The fourth section discusses games of chance played in the Caribbean Region; this section argues that Metaphysical Numerological-Symbolism (M.N.S.) has effectively transformed them into a form of religion in the Caribbean. The paper concludes initially with a discussion of the M.N.S. Trail. The thesis statement is such that the M.N.S. Trail that connects religions is a universal scripture directly pointing to the Universal Essence. Abstractly removed from the Local Settings of the diverse World Religions, the M.N.S. Trail has efficacy for sudden awareness of a Universal Essence. The conclusion of the paper then proceeds to discuss the connection between M.N.S. and new religious/spiritual movements.

Metaphysics, Mantra, Caribbean
2019 Special Focus—Universal Religious Symbols: Mutual Influences and Specific Relationships
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Nkosi Aberdeen

Teacher III, Secondary School --Modern Studies/Humanities, Ministry of Education , Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago

I have a BA degree (1. Anthropology & Sociology 2. Africana Studies) from Lafayette College, U.S.A.; and a MA degree from S.O.A.S. University of London. I have written a number of books geared towards the progress of Humanity: a. A Caribbean Footballer's Guide to Study Abroad ; 2. P.A.M's.: Humanity's Quest for Real Freedom--"The Co-operative Reader" 3. The Home of Jahism: The 019696910 Spiritual Path of Creation, Lifeforce & 9Movement 4. The Book of Mantras.