Role of Religious Orientations and Personality Traits in the Tolerance of Others’ Religion among Police Cadets

By: Olusoga Shittu   Odunayo Oluwasanmi Oluwafemi  

The ability to tolerate the religious creed of others is a requisite for harmonious and peaceful co-existence in a pluralistic state such as Nigeria, more so, among future police officers. This study asked: if ones’ religious orientation and personality traits play any significant role in religious tolerance. It is instructive that this study attempts to link traits, which literature is yet to relate to the criterion- religious tolerance. Standard measures of religious orientation, six personality traits and religious tolerance were administered to police cadets (N= 250, Age range = 18 to 28 years, Mean = 22.29, SD=2.167, 79% males). Result of hierarchical multiple regressions showed that some of these traits significantly predicted and accounted for variations in religious tolerance (Openness to experience: β = .255; Humility: β = .125; Intrinsic and extrinsic religious orientation: βs = .192 & .142 respectively; all p-values < .05). As independent blocks (steps), Personality traits indicated: R-squared =.185, F (5, 244) = 10.096; Humility indicated: R-squared = .016, F (1, 243) = 4.542; and Religious orientation indicated: R-squared = .077, F (3, 240) = 7.746; all p-values < .05. Simply, some of the traits explained significant variance in religious tolerance. The capacity to put up with the religious beliefs and practices of others seems to come from peoples’ internal dispositions and the very way they practice their own different religion. In the light of these, it can be surmised that religious tolerance is a product of open-mindedness and adherence to wholesome religious values.

Tolerance, Police, Religion
Religious Commonalities and Differences
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Olusoga Shittu

Lecturer, Nigeria Police Academy, Nigeria
Kano, Nigeria

My name is Olusoga Tasiru Shittu (male), 37 years of age and a Nigerian. I am a lecturer at the department of Sociology, Nigeria Police Academy. I am a PhD fellow of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria specialising in the areas of community policing, penology, terrorism, kidnapping, research methods and social theory. I am also an Organisational Behaviorist by virtue of another Masters of Science degree I bagged in 2012 from University of Lagos. I speak English, Hausa and Yoruba fluently. I enjoy travelling, swimming, cycling and trekking during leisure time. I am married to Mrs. Bashirat Temitope Shittu. I am a father of two boys Mohammed-Awal Ayomide Shittu (4 years) and Abdulsalam Olamilekan Shittu (2 years).

Odunayo Oluwasanmi Oluwafemi

Lecturer, Psychology, Nigeria Police Academy, Nigeria
Kano State, Nigeria

I am an ethusiast of research; a teacher and student of the discipline of Psychology. My belief that the field of Psychology is burgeoning in Africa has made me fascinated about and interested in the possibilities of employing new and innovative research methodologies and statistical methods to address research questions and hypotheses that were hitherto difficult to investigate. Importantly, the scholastic works of academic authors such as Andrew F. Hayes and Kristopher J. Preacher who have developed and introduced the Conditional Process Modeling into statistical lexicon which has facilitated and proffered answers to hypotheses testings. Their contibutions to the research enterprise has brought about elegant research designs and appropriate statistical techniques used to furnish research queries with answers. Also the academic work and writings of Andy P. Fields provide practical teachings on the use of statistical softwares for the social sciences. These are some of the academic scholars among others who provide motivation and inspiration for my academic interests and pursuits. I have published some of my research works in local institutional based journal outlets in Nigeria, now I intend to avail myself the opportunity of a possible global recognition of my research interest and work through this educational platform.