The Spirituality of the Alt Right

By: Hunt Stephen  

This paper explores the controversial area of the so-called Alt Right movement through its attempt to explore its endeavor to construct a spirituality and spiritual forms. The movement is controversial for its opposition of ‘Progressive’ liberalism at least, and its overlap with fascist motives at most. The movement is extremely difficult to pin down in terms of its ideology however which, in turn, renders its spiritual trajectories equally difficult to discern. This paper, after briefly exploring the origins/primary ideas of the Alt Right movement, offers a critical account of what appears to be three streams in the movement’s ideology as articulated by a survey of the relevant literature, websites and youtube postings. Firstly, its reactionary wing which seeks to restore a culture/morality perceived as lost to Western societies. This leads to a veneration of Christianity as central to 2000 years of Western civilization development, now believed to be ‘lost’ to the current decadent/depraved social disorder. A second strand, often via Nietzschean philosophy, sees Christianity as part of the problem because of it "slave mentality" which is, it is maintained, bringing Western societies to their knees. This strand of the Alt Right seeks to restore early forms of religion in the form of pagan spirituality, typified by Nordic spirituality. Finally, a strand of the movement which is equally critical of Christianity but constructs a field of spirituality through racial motives concerned with venerating the alleged virtues of the white race.

Nietzche, Spirituality, Racial Motives
The Politics of Religion
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Hunt Stephen

Associal Professor, Health & Aplied Social Schences, University of the West of England, United Kingdom
United Kingdom