Hamas, Islam and Israel

By: Haydn Campmier  

Sheikh Ahmad Yasin created Hamas as a nationalist movement, using the occupation of the country as the main justification for its formation. He was an active member of Muslim Brotherhood which spun off to be Hamas, an often-classified “political Islamist” group. However, its role within Palestine has varied drastically and this variation had a grave impact on its domestic relations after Hamas’ 2006 parliamentary election win. For Hamas, being classified as a terrorist organization is in part because of their origins in the Muslim Brotherhood. Their use of tactics used by other terrorist organizations, such as suicide bombings, also contributed to this generalization which often made by its opponents. This sort of classification does not give an accurate glimpse into their history, mission or ideology. Seeing Hamas in their relationship to the Israeli government through the lens of a religious movement is important because it helps to define and clarify their objectives as revolutionary group on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Religious identity helps shape not only their desired approach to the political power struggle against Israel, but also directs their ideology within the context of their overall goal to unify the Palestinian people.

Terrorism, Political, Extremism, Religion, Social, Agendas, Human, Rights, Reconciliation
The Politics of Religion
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Haydn Campmier

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