Is Religiosity a Risk or a Protective Factor?

By: Vered Ne'eman Haviv   Yael Wilchek Aviad   Chaim Lahav  

The purpose of this preliminary study was to examine the connection between religiosity and deviance, focusing on the phenomenon of risk behavior among Jewish orthodox national-religious youth at-risk. The study was conducted by using qualitative research methods, using interviews with 66 participants in six focus groups among teenagers and young people at-risk, normative youth and professionals social educators working among the adolescents and young adults within the national-religious sector. Analysis of the research findings exposes several main themes that touch upon the issue of religion as both a protecting and a risk factor for religious youths, beginning with the question of personal identity, and continue with the influence of social control and social labeling.

Religious Identity, Deviation
Religious Community and Socialization
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Vered Ne'eman Haviv

DR., Criminology, Ariel University, Israel

Phd in Criminology, lecture and researcher in the fields of crime prevention, use of psychoactive substance, the connection between religion, meaning in life and deliquency, and the connection between morality and crime. 

Yael Wilchek Aviad

dr., Ariel University, Israel

Chaim Lahav

DR, Beit Berl Academic College, Israel