Win18_Phil302 Cyberethics’s Updates

  • Group 4: Gone Phishing

    Kimberly Laivo

    Kylie McCabe

    This presentation is general summery of the scope and set-ups of common cyber attacks, as they affect both large companies and individual users. Foc...More

  • GROUP 8- Game Time


    Group 8: Game Time

    Haley Nicholson 

    Virtual Reality is a new emerging technology on the market th...More

  • Group 7 Where can I go to get some privacy?

    Group 7

    Lucia Pulido

    Where can I go to get some privacy?

    I are working for a research organization that produces material for the people that advise the president. My assignment is to determine the current state of surveillance technology world w...More

  • Group 9: #MeToo

    Group Members:

    Natalie Keys

    Rachel Betram 

    Ashley Narciso

    Cassandra Abad

    Laurel Poff 

    We have seen awareness for sexual harassment in the workplace make great leaps in the past year. More women are coming out about how they’ve been cornered in...More

  • Ethical Analysis Project Group 3: Not all autonomous cars are alike


    Our project deals with the ethics concerning autonomous cars. We researched 4 companies, looked at their design, and how these will effect the furute of driving. 

    Group members:

    Stacie Bernasconi

    Carlos Gonzalez 

    Zoe Hill


  • Group 5 - Tweet, Tweet! Final Ethical Analysis Project

    Group 5: Our project analzyes the powers and perils of using twitter as a politician 

    Caitlyn Balich

    Jonna Elvin

    Cody Bryant- Zygowski

    Grant St. Martin 

  • Group 10: Remixology

    This project explaines the history of remixing songs and the ethical or unethical path people take. Remixing songs has a main concern of copyright or stealing other work from the original producer and making it your own. 

    In the powerpoint I had a...More

  • Ethical Analysis Project Group 11 Virtual Ethics

    Our project was concerned with the ethics surrounding virtual reality, and how it has many benefits and exciting implementations for the future, but also great potential for damage to physical, mental and social health

    Group Members:

    Madison Vern...More

  • Final Course Survey

    Members of this community can take the survey, Final Course Survey, here

  • Lesson 18: Final Exam

    Module 9 Lesson 18—Final Course Survey and Closing Thoughts


    You have now completed a through course of study on ethics for information technology professionals.  You are now more than qualified to apply what you have learned into your own profes...More