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GROUP 8- Game Time


Group 8: Game Time

Haley Nicholson 

Virtual Reality is a new emerging technology on the market that allows its users to immerse in a virtual world through the uses of senses in audio and visual headsets. The training aspect has been very effective for companies to train their employees in preparing them for real-life scenarios. We encourage our company to adopt Virtual Reality Training to not only provide a new avenue of profit but also as an offer for a future-proof return on investment for our customers. Not only does this allow us to recycle our current gaming engines for a new purpose, but it provides peace of mind to our new customers once they receive the many benefits of implementing this new training.

  • Kylie McCabe
  • Kimberly Laivo
  • Madison Verner
  • Natalie Keys
  • Taylor Crawford
  • Alison Prunauer
  • Rachel Bertram
  • Laurel Poff