Win18_Phil302 Cyberethics’s Updates

Group 9: #MeToo

Group Members:

Natalie Keys

Rachel Betram 

Ashley Narciso

Cassandra Abad

Laurel Poff 

We have seen awareness for sexual harassment in the workplace make great leaps in the past year. More women are coming out about how they’ve been cornered into uncomfortable sexual decisions and situations, which their careers may depend upon. We have seen a culture develop that enforces the power and wealth dynamics of an elite patriarchy here, and we as women are expected to sleep our way to the top, while simultaneously being shut out from future opportunities for doing so. For this reason we have a lot in common with the founders of Time’s Up, a coalition begun to raise awareness, research, and provide legal defense to women nationwide experiencing similar dynamics. 



  • Kylie McCabe
  • Kimberly Laivo
  • Madison Verner
  • Alison Prunauer
  • Jennifer Guerrero
  • Cody Bryant-Zygowski
  • Jennifer Hernandez
  • Zoe Hill
  • Taylor Crawford
  • Stacie Bernasconi