The Learner’s Updates

  • Joanne Hughes Joins The Learner Advisory Board

    Joanne was appointed to a Chair in the School of Education, Queen’s University in July 2007. She holds a BA and PhD from the School of Social Anthropology at Queen’s. She is currently Director of the Centre for Shared Education in the School of...More

  • Twenty-seventh International Conference on Learning Announced

    The Twenty-seventh International Conference on Learning will be held at the University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain, 13-15 July 2020

    Founded in 1989, The Learner Research Network is brought together around a common concern for learning in all...More

  • 2018 Plenary Speaker - Anna Frangoudaki

    The Twenty-fifth International Conference on Learning is pleased to announce Anna Frangoudaki as a 2018 Plenary Speaker. 

    Want to register for the 2018 Conference? Click here...More

  • America's High School Graduates Look Like Other Countries' High School Dropouts

    NPR | Article Link | by Gabrielle Emanuel

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    A new study confirms what many Americans already knew deep in their hearts: We're not good at math

    Not only that, but when it comes to technology skills, we're dead last co...More

  • How this Bay Area charter school network is reinventing education

    Los Angeles Time | Article Link | by Nichole Dobo

    Image courtesy of Morguefile

    Diane Tavenner scanned the list of names a staffer at Summit Preparatory Charter High School had just handed her. She began to cry. They weren't happy tears.


  • A tale of two cities

    The Economist | Article Link

    Image courtesy of MorgueFile

    BEING a Eurosceptic in a university city is a lonely business. In the drizzle outside the Cambridge Union a student in a roll-neck is trying to hand anti-EU leaflets to the cliques hurr...More

  • Why academics need to get moving

    The Guardian | Article Link | by MC Schraefel

    Image courtesy of Stock Up

    We don't need a survey to prove that stress levels for academics are higher than those in the general population, but we have one anyway

    Long hours, heavy teaching and...More

  • How India Pierced Facebook’s Free Internet Program

    Backchannel | Article Link | by Lauren Smiley

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    ​If you wanted to get a glimpse of how hard Facebook can fight when pressed against the wall — a hint of its war chest, the scope of its ambition to access and connect th...More

  • Is Tenure Essential?

    Inside Higher Ed | Article Link | by Scott Jaschik

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    Presidents whose institutions are members of the Council of Independent Colleges have been working on a project to help map the future of their institutions, which a...More

  • Colleges Want Students with Character, But Can’t Measure It

    Nautilus | Article Link | by Eric Hoover

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    Jon Boeckenstedt devours data. As DePaul University’s associate vice president for enrollment management, he studies how the institution’s 16,000 undergraduates are doing, try.....More