Lauren Hegarty’s Updates

  • Dick and Jane Texts of Authentic Pedagogy

    When reading about authentic literacy pedagogy in Cope and Kalantzis's book Literacies and when doing some research on authentic approaches to literacy such as the approach of Montessori schools, the use of Dick and Jane readers stood out to me


  • A Tale of Three Pedagogies: Didactic Pedagogy

    Didactic pedagogy is the oldest model of pedagogy. Its philosophies were implemented by ancient scholars as early as Confucious (approximately 551-479 B.C.) and St. Benedict (480-543 A.D.). Didactic pedagogy became almost universally popular in the...More

  • Blogging and New Literacies

    Educational blogging is becoming quite common place. Teachers create and manage blogs to communicate ubiquitously with students and parents. With blogs, teachers can initiate online discussions or flip the classroom. Students sometimes have their ow...More

  • A History of the English Language from Words Their Way

    This week at school, one of my tasks was to research and compare different resources for Word Work. In doing so, I came across a section in the word study book Words Their Way that outlined the history of the English language and how that history in...More