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e-Learning in Humanitarian Training - A Manifesto

Reda Sadki, director of Geneva-based humanitarian learning consultancy LSi (Learning Services International) describes a crisis of costs and effectiveness in humanitarian training, and the Scholar alternative, in this YouTube video, and related blogpost.

Media embedded June 15, 2015

Here's a quote we particularly like: "Transmissive learning – whatever the medium – remains the dominant mode of formal learning in the humanitarian context, even though everyone knows patently that such an approach is both ineffective and irrelevant when it comes to teaching and learning the critical thinking skills that are needed to deliver results and, even more crucially, to see around the corner of the next challenge. Such approaches do not foster collaborative leadership and team work, do not provide experience, and do not confront the learner with complexity. In other words, they fail to do anything of relevance to improved preparedness and performance."