New Learning’s Updates

  • Remembering Paulo Freire

    Mary and I were fortunate to spend time earlier this month with our dear colleagues Walkyria Monte Mór and Lynn Mario Menezes de Souza at the University of São Paulo, and Alessandra Coutinho Fernandes at the Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba


  • Scholar’s New Analytics App: Towards Mastery Learning

    We are pleased to announce the launch of Scholar’s new Analytics area, created by our research team at the University of Illinois, with the support of funding from the National Science Foundation.[1] This post is a brief conceptual orientation to th...More

  • #DigitalScholar Reboot

    This is the story of how we came to reboot the amazingly successful #DigitalScholar initiative offered by the Geneva Learning Foundation just one year ago. Link to More ......More

  • Hardie connection funds Australian scholars conducting e-learning research in College of Education

    by Sal Nudo

    Australian scholars Josh Dean and Mark Sivills are conducting research and taking courses in the College of Education this summer thanks to the Hardie Fellowship, which provides educators in Australia the opportunity to undertake profes...More

  • 5 Theses on the Future of Learning

    ... and now, following the Scholar Update, the videos. Start here, then follow the numbers!

    Media embedded June 9, 2017


  • e-Learning Ecologies - Just Published!

    e-Learning Ecologies (edited by Bill Cope and Mary Kalantzis) explores transformations in the patterns of pedagogy that accompany e-learning—the use of computing devices that mediate or supplement the relationships between learners and teachers—...More

  • "Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds"

    From a rather frightening article by Elizabeth Kolbert in The New Yorker:

    More ......More

  • Push-Button Education

    The future of education has been a long time coming. We may have nearly arrived, but did we ever really want to get there? From 1958, Arthur Radebaugh's Sunday comic, Closer Than We Think.

    Source: Paleofuture...More

  • 7 Affordances Meet Rhizomatic Learning in Medial Education

    Here are some interesting thoughts from Paulo Batista, a PhD student in Artificial Intelligence in Brazil, using our "seven affordances" framework to analyze rhizomatic learning in medical education

    "Rhizomatic education prepares students to w...More

  • 7 Affordances: A nice summary of our by Caterina Mastroianni

    An online course should provide a rich learning experience for all learners. Do you use technology to simulate traditional teaching and learning practice or do you do more with it? In fact, educational technologies should make it easier to incorpora...More