New Learning’s Updates

  • Five Theses on the Future of Learning

    "Angelus Novus," Paul Klee (1920)

    1. There will be no pedagogical differences between learning in person and learning online.

    In the old school, it was necessary for students to be in the same room at the same time. The class was a communicati. ...More

  • Free Scholar Course: Collective Impact for Computer Science Education

    Join us on Monday 9th January for a quick, fun, and informal meet-and-greet!

    What: In this 30-minute session, you will meet course facilitators Khurram Hassan, other members of the course team, and fellow course participants. Where: Online, using t. ...More

  • Invitation to Design a Collective Impact Framework for Computer Science and STEM Education Access

    Join colleagues in Scholar to develop a collective impact strategy to engage a wider range of learners in computer science and STEM learning.

    The Georgia Department of Education (USA), in associalion with Learning Strategies International, is p. ...More

  • Learn cutting-edge digital pedagogy and practice: Apply now to become a Scholar Apprentice

    LSi is offering an apprenticeship for learning leaders interested in using the Scholar Approach to build capacity, produce locally-situated knowledge, and foster deep learning outcomes. This internship will provide practical experience and help. ...More

  • Mutlimodal Literacies MOOC

    Announcing the second MOOC in our Literacies series, "Multimodal Literacies: Communication and Learning in the Era of Digital Media". This course follows on from the "Literacy Teaching and Learning: Aims, Approaches and Pedagogies". Together, th. ...More

  • New Media and Productive Diversity in Learning

    Just published: Kalantzis, Mary and Bill Cope. 2016. "New Media and Productive Diversity in Learning." Pp. 310-235 in Diversity in Der Lehrerinnenbildung, edited by S. Barsch and N. Glutsch. Münster, Germany: Waxmann.

    Schools first took their class. ...More

  • Cope, Kalantzis collaborating on NSF-funded study

    News from the College of Education at Illinois

    Professor Bill Cope of the Department of Education Policy, Organization & Leadership (EPOL) will be the principal investigator of a two-year study funded by the National Science Foundation in t. ...More

  • "Learner Differences in Theory and Practice" - New Article by Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope

    This paper explores the complex and shifting dimensions of the social, cultural and bodily differences that impact on learners and their learning. Our theoretical argument proceeds in five stages. First, we build a typology of terms used to clas. ...More

  • Join our Literacy MOOC!

    Join Mary and me in our new Coursera course, "Literacy Teaching and Learning: Aims, Approaches and Pedagogies". This course is mirrored in Scholar in the community, "Literacy Teaching and Learning MOOC". This course covers the first half of the. ...More

  • The Test is Dead!

    ... But long live assessment!

    The following is an extract from the introduction to our book, Cope and Kalantzis (eds), e-Learning Ecologies, New York: Routledge, 2016.

    What evidence do we have that a learner has learned? In didactic pedagogy, the. ...More