New Learning’s Updates

  • After the COVID-19 Crisis: Why Higher Education May (and Perhaps Should) Never be the Same

    by Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope

    Traditional residential universities have dragged their feet making the move to online teaching and learning. Commuter colleges, too, have kept lecture theaters, classrooms and textbooks as core tools of their trade...More

  • Just Published: Artificial Intelligence for Education

    Just published in Educational Philosophy and Theory: Bill Cope, Mary Kalantzis & Duane Searsmith, "Artificial Intelligence for Education: Knowledge and its Assessment in AI-enabled Learning Ecologies."


    Over the past ten years, we have...More

  • Our "Literacies" Book - Now in Greek and Spanish!


    In English here


  • Just Published - Rethinking Pedagogy: Exploring the Potential of Digital Technology in Achieving Quality Education

    The "Rethinking Pedagogy" report of the UNESCO working group, in which Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope participated


    From the Exexcutive Summary:With th the exponential growth of digitally mediated communication, di...More

  • Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope - Video Presentations at a Symposium in Honour of Gunther Kress

    University of Technology, Sydney, 5 October 2019

    Media embedded November 14, 2019
    Media embedded November 14, 2019



  • Debate on Literacy and Phonics, University of Sao Paulo, 26 August 2019

    Media embedded August 26, 2019

    And the PowerPoint that goes with it:

    PowerPoint Slides

  • Just Published - Education 2.0: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Test

    Bill Cope and Mary Kalantzis

    We are on the cusp of a series of socio-technical revolutions. On one count, after the industrial revolutions of steam, electricity, and digitization, the next is Industry 4.0, a revolution in which artificial intellige...More

  • E-Learning in Resource-Constrained Indian Schools: A Go-Fund-Me-Campaign

    Help Rita van Haren and the Sterlite Foundation — working together to develop new models and practices for the introduction of quality e-learning in under-privileged schools in India.

    With the support of Common Ground Research Networks, Rita van Ha...More

  • Vale Gunther Kress

    We have lost a dear friend and colleague, Gunther Kress. We first started with him on "genre" approaches to literacy back in Sydney, then on the idea of "muliliteracies" in what would become the New London Group

    Gunther Kress in a "garden conve..

  • Changing the Media for Learning - UNESCO Working Group

    Roundtable discussion on policy implications of digital educational resources on achieving sustainable development goals, UNESCO, Paris, working group meeting 27-30 May, 2019. From the introduction to the draft report:

    Vizag Declaration on..