Reda Sadki’s Updates

  • Pros and cons of online courses

    "Please, I need someone to enlighten me on the pros and cons of online courses for active learning and professional development.”

    There is quite a bit of contextual information missing to decode what is really being asked. We only know that it is a...More

  • Why gamification is a disaster for humanitarian learning

    Is gamification an advantageous strategy that can help increase knowledge and application when it comes to humanitarian responses? What are these advantages? Can gamification contribute to better humanitarian preparedness? 

    Certainly, if you ha...More

  • Why learning technologists are obsolete

    Many of the pionneers of “e-learning” fought long and hard to have the value of technology for learning recognized and new tools put to use by educators. Their achievements are significant. Today, for example, many universities now have teams that s...More

  • Week 7: Thinking about learning technology: is the "product" metaphor really that useful?

    I just finished listening to last week's live session, where a few folks got to present their technology case study. Very interesting stuff

    In my work, I am constantly discovering and evaluating new web sites and online services related to le...More

  • Week 6: Should learning be rewarded with badges and will it work?

    As I've been thinking about building a MOOC for the 13.1 million Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers, I've become increasingly interested in connectivism. One of the platforms I've discovered is called P2PU ("Peer To Peer University"), which d...More

  • Mobile learning: the "anywhere" in the affordance of ubiquity

    When I look at my Facebook friends online, I can see that most of them are connected, almost 24/7, via their phones. Those connected from a laptop or desktop computer (shown by a green dot instead of a little phone icon) are an ever-dwindling mi...More

  • The publicness of learning

    I've been reading Jeff Jarvis's Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves How We Work and Live. It raises some interesting questions for educators

    Scholar is a private space, for example. As I understand it, publishing to the book...More

  • What kind of MOOC for the Red Cross?

    Lisa Lane has a simple, practical classification for massive open online courses (MOOCs): they are network, task or content-based

    So which would be right for the Red Cross's MOOC which I've been thinking about?

    My thinking right now is that...More

  • Thinking about the first Red Cross MOOC

    You have no doubt heard about the American Red Cross. Some of you may be first aiders or otherwise involved as volunteers in your community. My organization, the IFRC, federates the American Red Cross and the 186 other National Societies worldwi...More

  • What does cutting-edge education have to do with parenting, anyway?

    When I first saw Professor Cope's photos of a 1983 elementary school classroom, I scoffed. It was so obvious that the "communications and knowledge architecture" was one-way, focused on rote learning and rewarding good behavior which involved st...More