Health, Wellness, and Society’s Updates

  • 2017 Plenary Speaker – Bruno Sobral

    The Seventh International Conference on Health, Wellness & Society is pleased to announce Bruno Sobral as a 2017 Plenary Speaker. 

    Want to register for the conference? Click here.

  • There’s No Way Out of It!

    Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / The Centers for Disease Control | Article Link | by Jerome Groopman

    Even many years later, when my mother told the story, fear still showed on her face. One morning in 1954, at the age..

  • Why Seven Hours of Sleep Might Be Better Than Eight

    Image courtesy of Paul Sapiano / Wikimedia Commons | Article Link | Sumathi Reddy

    How much sleep do you really need?

    Experts generally recommend seven to nine hours a night for healthy adults. Sleep scientists say new..

  • Amid Smoking Decline, Look Who's Still Lighting Up

    Image courtesy of Paolo Neo / Wikimedia Commons | Article Link | by Yuki Noguchi

    Robin Koval is making a career of her changed tobacco habit.

    "I'm a child of a smoker — my father was a heavy smoker," Koval says. "Really typi..

  • For Better Treatment, Doctors And Patients Share The Decisions

    Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / Jerry Berger | Article Link | by NPR STAFF

    Many of us get confused by claims of how much the risk of a heart attack, for example, might be reduced by taking medicine for it. And doctor..

  • The Case for Eating Steak and Cream

    Image courtest of Frettie / WikiMedia Commons | Article Link

    “EATING foods that contain saturated fats raises the level of cholesterol in your blood,” according to the American Heart Association (AHA). “High levels of bl..

  • New Antibiotics Show Effectiveness In Treating MRSA Infections

    Image courtesy of National Institutes of Health | Article Link | by Lawrence LeBlond

    Two separate studies published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine are paving the way for more effective treatments in dead..

  • The Jobs With the Highest Obesity Rates

    Image courtesy of Vantey / WikiMedia Commons | Article Link | by Olga Khazan

    Employers want their workers to be healthy—both for insurance-cost and humane reasons—but aspects of those very jobs can make workers sick. A..

  • Sleep’s Hidden Histories | Original Article | by Benjamin Reiss

    Benjamin Reiss on The Slumbering Masses : Sleep, Medicine, and Modern American Life and 24/7 : Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep and Dangerously Sleepy : Overworked Americans..

  • Childhood Cancer Rates in America Continue to Climb | Original Article | by Adam Chandler

    A report released by the American Cancer Society revealsan increase in childhood cancer cases coupled with falling death rates among children and adolescents. Cancer in children, while still mu..