Climate Change: Impacts and Responses’s Updates

  • David Humphreys Joins the Climate Change: Impacts and Responses Advisory Board

    The Climate Change: Impacts and Responses Advisory Board is honored to welcome our newest member - David Humphreys. 


  • Dr. James Lee and Kisei Tanaka - Winners of the International Award for Excellence for The International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses, Volume 8

    The Climate Change Research Network is pleased to announce the selection of “Climate Change, Conflict, and Moving Borders,” Dr. James Lee and Kisei Tanaka, as the winner of the International Award for Excellence for The International Journal of Clim...More

  • Earth 2075 — CO2 II

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    Earth 2075 — CO2 II. Targeting 0°C Global Warming, Ocean pH 8.2, and an Early Return to 280 ppm

    By Robert C. Fry, Madeline Ison, Sambhudas Chaudhuri, Steven Fry, Kenneth Klabunde, Michael Routh, Gregory Fry,.....More

  • Global food production threatens to overwhelm efforts to combat climate change

    The Conversation | Article Link | by Pep Canadell and Hanqin Tian

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    Each year our terrestrial biosphere absorbs about a quarter of all the carbon dioxide emissions that humans produce. This a very good thing; it helps...More

  • Scientists study global warming through microorganisms

    USC News | Article Link | by Robert Perkins

    Image courtesy of Pixabay

    An unseen war raging among the ocean’s tiniest organisms has significant implications for understanding the ocean’s role in climate change, according to a new study


  • Climate change causing bird eggs to hatch early

    Australian Geographic | Article Link | by Amy Middleton

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    WARMER TEMPERATURES are causing zebra finch eggs to hatch early, a new study shows, and the results could be fatal to unhatched birds

    Scientists at Macquarie...More

  • India's monsoons: A change in the rain

    Al Jazeera | Article Link | by Grace Boyle

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    The Western Ghats are a 1,500 kilometre-long ribbon of mountains that run through the southwestern part of India, forming a jagged edge that separates the high Deccan Plate...More

  • The hottest year

    Mashable | Article Link | by Andrew Freedman

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    It wasn't even close.In all of recorded history back to the mid-19th century, we haven’t seen a year warmer than 2015. Everywhere scientists looked, from Siberia...More

  • Will Global Warming Heat Us Beyond Our Physical Limits?

    National Geographic | Article Link | by Cheyl Katz

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—If greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced, rising temperatures and humidity wrought by global warming could expose hundreds of millions of pe...More

  • Connecting buildings helps fight climate change

    Green Biz | Article Link | by Victor Olgyay

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    In Pope Francis’ recent visit to the U.S., he referred to several interesting touchstones in America’s spiritual history, including Thomas Merton. Merton was a pro...More