Ways of Reading News

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The aim of this research, conducted by researchers from Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Disciplinas Proyectuales (INSOD), was to reveal the characteristics of current newspaper reading habits in Buenos Aires. This quantitative research, carried out by Fundación UADE Argentina, aimed to compare the differences between printed and digital formats. In order to collect the data, a structured online questionnaire was answered by the sample, which included 503 people who live, work, or study in Buenos Aires. The quantitative results showed that almost 80 percent of all respondents read news at least once a month (either in printed or digital formats), which is associated with having a university degree. In addition, the same percentage of people read traditional newspapers at least once a week. Another relevant finding is that 50 percent of people claim to enjoy reading the printed format. Regarding printed formats, broadsheets are associated with the image of elder people, while tabloids are considered to be a format for younger ones. Overall, the results of the research show that both formats complement each other for readers in Buenos Aires, and the paper edition still remains a valid format.