Aging & Social Change

The Journal of Aging and Social Change is an international journal for aging research. It features articles on the dynamic interplay between aging and society, exploring advances in social and behavioral science on aging, life-course and social change, involving (but not limited to) gerontology, sociology, demography, psychology, economics, communication science, education, epidemiology, public health, biology, nursing and medicine. The Journal of Aging and Social Change is devoted to multi- and interdisciplinary research that centers around social and behavioral science as well as to disciplinary approaches that are compatible and advantageous beyond merely discipline-specific discourses. Articles published in The Journal of Aging and Social Change focus on theoretical, conceptual and/or methodological advances, on the growth of empirical knowledge about age and aging in an increasingly diverse and changing global society, as well as on the impact and relevance of knowledge about aging for policies and the global society. Besides original empirical research articles, The Journal of Aging and Social Change includes brief research reports, articles that focus on theoretical and methodological advances, and review articles on cutting-edge topics. All submissions are peer-reviewed, supported by rigorous processes of criterion-referenced article ranking and qualitative commentary, to ensure the substance and significance of the published works. For more information visit --