Urban Screens Metamorphosis

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This article delves into the intricate evolution and widespread adoption of urban screens in contemporary cities. It investigates the transformation of architectural surfaces into dynamic platforms for technological and communicative experimentation, analyzing their origins, motivations, and implications. Drawing from theoretical frameworks and historical analyses, as well as conducting a review of the literature and case studies, this research aims to explore the changing relationship between hyper-technological screens and architecture. By examining the development of urban screens and their potential for social inclusivity and environmental sustainability, the study employs a multidisciplinary approach to uncover insights into the role of technological innovation in this transformation. The findings reveal a significant shift in architectural paradigms, where buildings’ facades are no longer mere structural elements but dynamic interfaces for interaction and communication. The proliferation of digital, kinetic, and interactive screens reflects a convergence of architectural and media culture, presenting both opportunities and challenges for urban design and societal engagement. While these screens hold promise for innovative urban interventions, their true sustainability and societal impact remain subject to debate and further investigation in the era of the circular economy.