The System Approach for a Healthy Church

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The efficiency and effectiveness of an organization lie in its ability to strike a balance between the right systems and the right people; that is, the organization is able to achieve its vision and mission through giving its employees the tools they need to be self-accomplished and to contribute to collective goals. With that in mind, the system approach for the church seems to be adequate for its good health. Six hundred thirty-one Christians responded to a questionnaire from congregational studies, which enabled us to demonstrate through the theory of the healthy church that the major problem of the churches in Yaoundé, Cameroon, relates to their strategies. A high percentage of respondents, 47.24 percent, would like their local church to improve their strategic system within five years. The church must maximize its results by associating the right systems and the right people. In other words, the church’s leaders must guide each person coming into the church through a process of ongoing spiritual development.