The Sexual Revolution

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olitical changes in recent years have provoked an increase in human-rights activism as exemplified in the tenor of Gay Pride. Politics, religion, and science are at odds, and the underlying factor appears to be religious opinion. This social upheaval is reminiscent of the Scientific Revolution. Indeed, this article argues that the Sexual Revolution is a continuation of the former, and the turmoil is of a kind, the result of an upending of long-standing beliefs. As a geocentric universe gave way to a heliocentric universe because of the natural sciences, an emphasis on biological procreation in sexuality now gives way to an emphasis on interpersonal communion, a spiritual matter, because of the human sciences. No easy solution to the controversy is available, but the research evidence, often ignored by religions and politics, is laid out. Commitment to this research offers an honest path to respectful diversity and social harmony despite a jarring reconceptualization of fundamental societal presuppositions.