The Reflection of New Media on the Functions and Roles of Journalists

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The convergence of new media platforms with traditional media has been extensively observed, which has spurred substantial discourse in research circles regarding their effects on journalism and the dissemination of information, encompassing both positive and negative aspects. These rapid technological advancements have facilitated the swift transfer and circulation of information, images, and videos. However, concerns remain about the challenge of verifying information, which becomes more complicated as the user base of these platforms expands globally. This academic research paper investigates the scholarly literature on the impact of new media on journalism; it also seeks to examine the effects of modern media platforms on journalistic practices. Additionally, it provides a theoretical framework for understanding the dissemination of news on the Facebook platform, which has become a prominent channel for news consumption in the contemporary media landscape, as an exemplification of emerging media platforms. The findings indicate that a mutually dependent relationship exists between new media platforms and traditional media; they serve as mutually beneficial channels for generating and sharing information, particularly in the context of communicating breaking news. Furthermore, this article highlights the growth of Facebook as a prominent medium for disseminating news, despite controversy over the credibility of the information circulated on the platform. As such, this article underscores the necessity of enhancing the collaboration between traditional media organizations and new media platforms to address the issue of fabricated and fake news.